zaterdag, februari 28, 2015

February 28.

I like this photograph. Firstly for its subject matter, the rectangular apartments, which makes a monotonous, not to say depressing impression in the background. This effect is emphasized by the dark heap of dark soil in the foreground. (which is actually the center of a new roundabout, in summer there will be grass growing on it I assume). Secondly The actual flatness of the picture. The proportion between the dark and light parts of the image is balanced in a way that it becomes very flat. 3 D seems to disappear. Thirdly the light. The sun disappearing behind a bunch of hazy clouds, so a very soft light source is at my back. Diemen, 4.23 pm.   

vrijdag, februari 27, 2015

February 27.

This is a very quiet photograph of a very quiet afternoon in a very quiet suburb of Amsterdam. Diemen, 4.11 pm.

February 26.

I had to kill some time at Utrecht Central Station, so I walked for a while around the shopping mall next to the station. I passed a traverse and looking through the windows at the underneath passing rush hour traffic I saw the beautiful combination of the red tail lights of the cars and the reflection of the shopping windows and the rushing people in the traverse. I love this magic, which becomes visible by the power of the one-eyed King, the photo camera. Utrecht, 6.50 pm.

woensdag, februari 25, 2015

February 25.

Was in a small pub with friend & collegue Marco Middelkoop (the best flying photographer I know, see . But also a very fine dance photographer! Most of all a very nice human being). Anyway I tried to shoot his portrait, but the light was very poor. Only blurry results. Then, during postprocessing, I decided for a triptych. Which exactly expresses what I thought & felt during our conversation. Amsterdam, 5.54 pm. 

dinsdag, februari 24, 2015

February 24.

I was intrigued by the somewhat sinister look of the power plant behind the row of trees. This an example of the little bit romantic way of capturing the scenery of Diemen. Diemen, 3.16 pm.    

maandag, februari 23, 2015

February 23.

The way I am capturing the scenery of Diemen, my suburbian hometown, is pending between a little bit romantic way and a more formal, more or less topographic way. This photograph is an example of the latter. I had the feeling that everything in this new dwelling quarter is designed in a very strict and rectangular way. Almost boring. Notice the color of the car parked near the dark house. Almost a perfect match in very severe colors. Diemen, 3.46 pm.    

zondag, februari 22, 2015

February 22.

Selfportrait 337, made on the scanner, which of course is also a kind of camera. Wanted to make something creepy. Diemen, 3.35 pm.

zaterdag, februari 21, 2015

February 21.

Sometimes it is quite interesting to notice how by some simple adjustments residents of an everyday dwelling can make something more personal out of their home. Just a yellow traffic sign will do. Diemen, 4.04 pm.

vrijdag, februari 20, 2015

February 20.

In less than a month there will be elections for the 12 provincial parliaments. One cannot say it arouses great enthusiasm in the country. Diemen, 10.56 am.

donderdag, februari 19, 2015

woensdag, februari 18, 2015

dinsdag, februari 17, 2015

February 17.

Went to the Rothko exhibition today with a friend. Overcrowded. To many spectators for paintings which I hesitate to consider as masterpieces. Anyway I went to the Sol Lewitt stairway, and I saw this zebra shirted lady watching her email on the Iphone. Coincidence? Den Haag, Gemeentemusuem (The Hague, Municipal Museum) 1.44 pm.

maandag, februari 16, 2015

February 16.

A parking lot with pruned trees in winter. Paradox of tension & an atmosphere of nothing is gonna happen here. The ultimate expression of nothingness. Diemen 4.16 pm.

February 15.

Although nowadays much of the world is not festive at all, people in Maastricht, a town in the south of Holland, still celebrate carnival. This picture is made at a bridge in the center of the city where during over 2 hours a long parade of feasting, singing & dancing people passed by. Often with messages about politics and other (local) affairs. Many citizens become jesters during this day. Sometimes people are beautifully dressed. Maastricht, 4.49 pm.   

zaterdag, februari 14, 2015

February 14.

Just couldn't resist the temptation to play a little with big red signs and people on the elevator. Amsterdam 4.37 pm.

vrijdag, februari 13, 2015

February 13.

There was that beautiful contrast at the other side of the canal between the pink roof & the perfect blue sky & the photograph was there. And yes. It was very friendly weather, Spring in the air. Diemen, 4.12 pm.

donderdag, februari 12, 2015

February 12.

The night sometimes seems to keep many, many secrets. Diemen, 8.39 pm.

February 11.

Coming back from a late appointment I found the Amsterdam Central Station almost completely deserted. Creepy atmosphere. Amsterdam 10.42 pm.

dinsdag, februari 10, 2015

February 10.

Today I installed a new black and white conversion program on my computer. You can make yourself look very creepy with it. Self portrait 336. Diemen, 2.42 pm.

maandag, februari 09, 2015

February 9.

A moving level crossing bar can sometimes be a strong poetic element in the photograph. Diemen, 17.15 pm.

zondag, februari 08, 2015

February 8.

This is the 9th year I am capturing spots in my home town. I am not bored. Again and again I am discovering new possibilities. Diemen 17.12 pm.   

February 7.

I am a member of a Dutch photographers board. Tonight was the annual dinner. Great party with so many dear colleagues, who all were wishing me a happy birthday. Wonderful evening! Amsterdam, 19.30 pm.

vrijdag, februari 06, 2015

February 6.

Just for a few moments there was a wonderful light in the kitchen. Only for a few weeks in winter (last week of January and the first week of February) and for two weeks in November this special light is present right here. If the sun shines. Diemen, 9.16 am.

donderdag, februari 05, 2015

February 5.

At 3.45 pm this afternoon the shadow of my apartment was perpendicular to the ditch along the road, where a cyclist passed by. Diemen, 3.45 pm.

maandag, februari 02, 2015

February 2.

My long tall shadow forms some kind of a lone wolf image on the station square of Amsterdam. 3.30 pm.

zondag, februari 01, 2015

February 1.

The lonely, very bare tree trunk was just waiting for me be photographed, when all of a sudden the sun broke through. Rembrandt was back in Diemen after more than 300 years! Diemen, 3.57 pm.