maandag, oktober 31, 2011

Zelfportret # 144(Self portrait # 144)

Believe or not, made when I had to wait for a delayed train.
Photograph: Diemen, 11/10/29, 0.52 pm

donderdag, oktober 27, 2011

zaterdag, oktober 22, 2011

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (85) (Because of a Fragmentic Nature (85))

A good photograph has, in my humble opinion, a reality that is some kind of fiction: like novels in which one can still recognize an original, ever existing world, but where the content is fiction. Every resemblance with real persons or a real situation is sheer coincidence.
Photo: New York-Staten Island. 11/05/06. 4.50 pm

woensdag, oktober 19, 2011

Diemer Plek # 53 (Sites from Diemen NL # 53)

The other day I was asked if I wasn’t fed up by taking pictures of Diemen again and again. I’m doing it for over 5 years now. It is a sleepy suburb of Amsterdam, with hardly any soul. My family and I live here for seven years now.
The question still triggers me. Why am I doing this. First of all it is very nearby. But the important thing for me is that it is a perfect playground for slowly developing my vision at landscape and landscape photography.

How much is needed to create a photograph that has an interesting composition and that is personal and that tells the viewer something about life in Diemen and that causes some tension in the atmosphere of the image and that has some strange details some times and that the seasons are changing and that and so on……
(to me the arrow on the cycling path in left down corner at the upper picture is such an intriguing detail)

Up: Diemen, Diemerpolderweg, 11/10/17 3.57 pm
Under: Diemen, Prins Bernhardlaan 11/10/13 2.57 pm

woensdag, oktober 12, 2011

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (84) (Because of a Fragmentic Nature (84))

This is another experiment in combining the image of advertisement posters with everyday street life (& my shadow)
Up: Amsterdam 11/9/23 4.27 pm

Under : Amsterdam 11/9/23 4.14 pm

maandag, oktober 10, 2011

Nite & Silence -31

Essentially the night is just a big black box in which all kinds of things exist. Things which are natural as well as things which are made by man . Sometimes these things become visible, mostly by artificial light. A feeling of disorientation arises. One knows there's something out there, but it stays invisible. What's waiting in the dark?

(Close your curtains, darken your room to fully enjoy these photographs!)

Up: Diemen (NL), Muiderstraatweg, 11/10/04, 10.25 pm
Umder: Diemen (NL), Diemerweg, 11/10/04, 9.58 pm

zaterdag, oktober 08, 2011

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (83) (Because of a Fragmentic Nature (83))

Being in a city, advertisement posters play a great part in our visual world. So why not give them a role in our photographs? Interesting visual stories can be the result.
Up: Amsterdam, 11/9/29 11.30 pm
Under: Amsterdam, 21/9/21 0.21 am

donderdag, oktober 06, 2011

Diemer Plek # 52 (Sites from Diemen NL # 52)

Birds in the photograph, it cannot be denied that Autumn is coming and that some birds are leaving for the warm South. Meanwhile the cars cozily stay at the parking lot.
(to see the birds properly, enlarge the picture to click on it)
Diemen, on a parking lot with no name because it is temporally, 11/10/04, 3.55 pm

dinsdag, oktober 04, 2011

zaterdag, oktober 01, 2011

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (82) (Because of a Fragmentic Nature (82))

If surrealism can be defined as a combination of several realities resulting into a new reality, photography is a perfect tool to create surrealism.
New York (Rooseveld Tramway). 2011/5/17. 9.25