dinsdag, februari 28, 2012

Zelfportret # 155 (Self portrait # 155)

Made after my weekly swimming exercise. 1250 meters!
(And yes, I’m my own voyeur!)
Diemen, 12/02/16. 3.11 pm

zondag, februari 26, 2012

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (97) (Because of a Fragmentic Nature (97))

Something I love to do: combining elements of two or more different visual worlds into one slightly surreal image.
Wow, it’s one of the hidden magic powers of photography.
Up: Amsterdam, 12/02/24 2.59 pm
Under: Amsterdam, 12/02/24 1.59 pm

donderdag, februari 23, 2012

Diemer Plek # 61 (Sites from Diemen NL # 61)

I’m taking photographs in Diemen for about 6 years now. In this way I am able to show the changes that occur in the landscape. Look here how it was.
The observant follower of yhis blog can also notice that I was using a more wide angle lens in the past. Nowadays I tend to exploit a more normal angle for my images of the scenery. Feels better somehow.
Diemen, Diemerpolderweg (NL). 12/02/22. 2.55 pm

dinsdag, februari 21, 2012

Het land langs # 9 (Along the Country Side # 9)

Our way of looking at the (Dutch) landscape is strongly influenced by the art of painting. For many photographers making a picture that looks like a painting is the highest goal. Afterwards they want a print on canvas.
IMO this is completely wrong. Photography has the means to play with vanishing points and perspectives. Of course a painter can also do this, but a photographer moves more around before the scene is caught on the sensor. This results in more vivid images compared to paintings.
A photograph also has a greater sense of time.
(made yesterday, it was a beautiful afternoon to bike around in the country side)
Railway bridge Weesp (NL). 12/02/20 4.19 pm

zondag, februari 19, 2012

Diemer Plek # 60 (Sites from Diemen NL # 60)

It is a strange sight, this spot of Diemen, the Amsterdam suburb where I live. A new town center has been planned and new, already grown trees are planted. Meanwhile there is a sense of decay, especially during the bleak day I took the picture.
Diemen (NL) 12/02/13 3.35 pm

zondag, februari 12, 2012

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (96) (Because of a Fragmentic Nature (96))

Something I already loved to do when I was young: Being at the station and watching crowds at the other side of the tracks.
Amsterdam. 12/02/04. 7.40 pm

donderdag, februari 09, 2012

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (95) (Because of a Fragmentic Nature (95))

One of the benefits of a cold winter’s day is the crisp ,clear sunlight. It sometimes creates a a slightly surreal atmosphere which I like a lot.
Amsterdam, 12/02/06, 4.00 pm

maandag, februari 06, 2012

Zelfportret # 153 (Self portrait # 153)

It was cold at the station, the train was running late, but at last I could sit.
Amsterdam-Diemen (NL) 12/02/04 7.55 pm

vrijdag, februari 03, 2012