donderdag, augustus 29, 2013

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (128) Because of a Fragmentic Nature (128)

Up: Waiting for bus 44. This was bus 335 I was looking through. Strange coincidence of the profile of a face of a woman in the bus, my face and hands in the reflection of the bus window, and a face at a commercial poster in the background behind the bus.(Amsterdam, 29/8/13, 3.05 pm)
Middle: I just can’t resist it. When I see this game of light and shadow and those small events of people passing spots of sunlight, my camera is in my hand and before my eye. And yes I push the button and at night behind the PC I do the rest.(Amsterdam, 29/8/13, 2.25 pm)
Under: More and more I am fascinated by the expressiveness of signs and letters in a photograph. (Amsterdam. 13/8/13 4.01 pm)

woensdag, augustus 21, 2013

Zelfportretten 235-238 (Self portraits 235-238)

235 Dronten 13/7/20 9.27 pm. I saw the leave laying on the floor and I just had to cover my eye.
236 Dronten 13/8/05 0.37 am. Couldn’t sleep. Played with some torches and my reading lamp.
237 Diemen 13/8/13 8.02 am. The shadow of my face is a bird that sits on my shoulder.
238 Diemen 13/8/17 7.15 am. My face becomes a map of my life.

donderdag, augustus 15, 2013

Some time ago I went to Antwerp for a day. Mainly to watch and capture reflections in shopping windows and mirrors. As you may well know I love to mingle the world before and behind the window. The photo camera is a beautiful device to use for this play: It glues the two 3D realities into one 2D photographic reality. A slightly surreal image is often the result.
Up: Antwerp Meir 13/07/30 11.55am
Middle: Antwerp Meir 13/07/30 11.56am
Under: Antwerp Central Station 13/07/30 11.23am

dinsdag, augustus 13, 2013

Het land langs # 22 (Along the Country Side # 22)

My weblog & Facebook friends may have noticed that I did not publish new posts for a while. I was away, giving some workshops at Buitenkunst ( . Which in itself a very inspiring activity. For me, and I hope for my participants too. My groups made some beautiful presentations, among them a big slide show in the theatre about photographing democratically. Which has to do with treating equally every element in the photo, every detail is of the same importance. Looking for the perfect banal.
In another workshop my group made a beautiful show of photographs as a d├ęcor for a concert of tango music.
Very inspiring, but I can’t find hardly the time to take new photographs and more over to think of new stories.
But sometimes I can bike around for a while and take some typical Dutch Landscape Pictures.
Up: Zalk (NL) 13/08/10 12.19 am
Middle: Oostvaardersdijk (NL) 13/07/27 3.06 pm
Under: Drontermeerdijk (NL) 13/08/06 1.10 pm