dinsdag, december 31, 2013

vrijdag, december 27, 2013

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (132) Because of a Fragmentic Nature (132)

As you may know, as a photographer I’m fond to peep into shopping window and to combine fragments of posters, reflections, passers-by etcetera into the frame of one picture. To me this can result into photographs with a strong graphic design, which also contain some surreal tendencies.
Things that weren’t meant to come together do have an encounter in the picture. Only in just a recorded split second. The genius of photography.
Up: Amsterdam 13/12/01 4.33 pm.
Under: Amsterdam 13/12/11 3.01 pm.

dinsdag, december 24, 2013


“Het Landschap, stad en land” is de titel van een workshop die ik komend voorjaar ga geven in het Amsterdams Centrum voor Fotografie.  Heb je niets te doen op donderdagavond en wil je je (verder) verdiepen in het fotografisch weergeven van je waarneming en ervaren van landschap, dan ben je van harte welkom. Zie:  http://www.acf-web.nl/het-landschap-stad-en-land/

maandag, december 16, 2013

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (131) Because of a Fragmentic Nature (131)

It is a strange thing, the photographer and his camera. Of course, the device is just a tool. But some tools feel as if they just made for you. I had that feeling with my canon g11, I feel it again with my new Lumix DMC-GX7, a very fast compact system camera. Beautiful sensor with good deep colors. Beautiful lens too, 40mm 1.7. A camera that is made just for you in front of your eye, or your breast or hip, well it is a great experience of joy. Still that old rule still counts, 99,9 % of street photos you make is just bullshit, if you’re lucky you can just use a few of the rest.
Up: Amsterdam 13/11/28 7.18 pm
Under: Amsterdam 13/12/12 7.01 pm

zondag, december 08, 2013

Over Bruggen (About Bridges)

If a bridge is been photographed and the pillars are left away in the picture, the bridge looks like a strange kind of Ufo.
Up: Diemen 13/05/29 2.52 pm
Under: Kampen 13/08/29 3.21 pm

zondag, december 01, 2013

Diemer Plek # 73 (Sites from Diemen NL # 73)

Meanwhile Life goes on in that somewhat sleepy suburb of Amsterdam, Diemen. The place where I live and where sometimes a strange atmosphere arises. A mixture between endless rest and some kind of surrealism.

Up: Bergwijkdreef 31/11/30 1.54 pm

Middle: Piersonstraat 31/11/13 3.44 pm

Under: Diemerplein: 13/11/25 3.14 pm