zondag, april 29, 2012

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (103) (Because of a Fragmentic Nature (103)

The station of Antwerp (Belgium) is one of my favorite places to wait for a train. It is like a cathedral for the holy service of the Railways. Everywhere you see signs of good faith. Somewhere on the underneath image you can read: “Het station leeft”. Which means: “The station is alive”. 
This feeling being in a railway religious service is intensified by the echoes of the announcements of the endless delays.
Up: Antwerp (BE), 12/4/12, 7.56 pm
Under: Antwerp (BE), 12/4/16, 7.51 pm

donderdag, april 26, 2012

Diemer Plek # 64 (Sites from Diemen NL # 64)

Parking Lots always fascinate me. Some parts of Diemen look like as if somebody first drew the Parking Lot on the map and then at a second thought put houses and apartment buildings around them.

(Don’t forget to click on the photographs to enlarge them)
Up: 12/3/12 Griend-Diemen (NL) 3.30 pm
Under: 12/4/3 Meerkeoet-Diemen (NL) 3.32 pm

maandag, april 23, 2012

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (102) (Because of a Fragmentic Nature (102)

Let’s play a little mind game.

Let’s pretend the hand at the poster in the shopping window actually belongs to a real person.
The palm of his hand feels the heat of the moment.
A man of flesh and blood is passing in the mirror.
I take the photograph.
Some old story of solitude is exploding in my head.

(Yeah, and sometimes street life is just a kind of stage set for a shopping window, or the other way round)
Up: Amsterdam. 12/4/15 4.11 pm
Under: Amsterdam. 12/4/15 2.13 pm

vrijdag, april 20, 2012

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (101) (Because of a Fragmentic Nature (101)

When it’s raining the photographer can use an umbrella to protect his camera and himself (in that order). People use a lot of umbrellas when the rain falls down.
I love to use umbrellas as an strange photographic object.
I already did that when I started my photographic career. The upper picture I made in 1983, working for the Amsterdam Arts Council on a project called “Umbrella Weather”.
The image underneath I made 2 days ago strolling around in Brussels. Because I am pretty tall, I can look from above at many umbrellas. Nowadays they have the most fantastic colors and designs.
Up: Amsterdam. Museumplein. 1983.
Under: Brussels. 12/4/8. 15.52 pm.

dinsdag, april 17, 2012

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (100) (Because of a Fragmentic Nature (100)

Look. You don’t see what you think you’re seeing in a photograph. IMO a photograph is the result of thinking elements of reality together into a new reality. The reality of the new image.
I do not want to have my photographs to express an opinion of the original reality they depict. They just have to display the reality of the image itself.
Which, in my case, often is another one as the one the photograph was taken of.
Slight surrealism or visual poetry can be the result!
Up: Amsterdam. 12/4/12. 9.35 am
Under: Amsterdam. 12/4/12. 1.39 pm

woensdag, april 11, 2012

Het land langs # 12(Along the Country Side #12)

Space is a miraculous element in a photograph. How to change 3D into 2D in a way that the beholder still can sense the space that was experienced on the moment and at the spot of the exposure.
There are some strategies. One is using color. Blue always fades away in the distance. Also lines can be used to lead the eye into suggested 3D. Or a small element like the blue flag at the image underneath.
Up: Flevoland (NL). 12/3/15. 3.44 pm
Under: Schermer (NL). 12/3/20. 1.05 pm.

maandag, april 09, 2012

Diemer Plek # 63 (Sites from Diemen NL # 63)

I love to look around me and take pictures as if the world is a somewhat strange place to be.
Look at the funny colored paper wrap around the small tree at the upper photograph!
Up: Diemen (NL). Venserweg 12/4/3. 4.25 pm
Under: Diemerbos (NL) Under viaduct A9. 12/4/5 3.15 pm.

vrijdag, april 06, 2012

Zelfportret # 159a + b (Self portrait # 158a + b)

The artist as a younger man,
The artist as an older man,
Thanks to Photoshop and Nik Software.
Funny game to play.
Diemen, 12/04/05. 10.30 am

dinsdag, april 03, 2012

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (99) (Because of a Fragmentic Nature (99

There were a few days last week with that clear clean Light of Early Spring. All of a sudden The City turns into a magical garden. Wow!
Up: Amsterdam, 12/3/28, 5.03 pm
Under: Amsterdam, 12/3/28, 5.55 pm