vrijdag, december 08, 2017

Follow the Icon (4)

A sign of a advertisement lightning sometimes turns out to be an icon for my photography. As a young boy of 5-6 years old I was always gazing at boxes with “Trix-Express” trains in the shopping windows of “Galeries Modernes” at the Vismarkt (Fish Market) in Groningen (NL). Turning around at the hand of my father I saw that huge sign at the opposite of the square. It was for the assurance company RVS. It consisted of a man with a walking pointing at the letters RVS, a small dog and a woman with a black umbrella. That umbrella impressed me very much. Some 30 years later I shoot a series “Umbrellas in the streets of Amsterdam”. Until today I often find umbrellas at my photographic path. Up: This was the advertisement sign, at the top of the walking stick one could see the letters RVS. Middle: Amsterdam, April 1984. Under Amsterdam: 2017/12/10, 5.06 pm.