vrijdag, januari 25, 2013

Zelfportret # 205-207 (Self portrait # 205-207)

After getting up home (lift with one large mirror) I went through some old stuff. I found a small framed photograph of myself made when I was 5 years old. I pose in front of the school photographer sitting in a kindergarten classroom. I immediately decided to do something with it: How does one relate to one’s youth.
Is the young person still in the heart of the same person when he has grown older. Or: Does young Jaap still live in old Jaap. I’ve been trying to photograph this question. The 2nd one is the best. It expresses the mystery of Life.
For more self portaits see my book
Diemen 13/01/12 11.05 pm
Diemen 13/01/17 3.35 pm
Diemen 13/01/24 4.27 pm

donderdag, januari 17, 2013

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (123) Because of a Fragmentic Nature (123)

Many advertisement posters contain staring eyes. Sometimes they look sternly, sometimes asking, sometimes seductively. Anyway, it is very interesting to see how these looks behave when put into a picture frame, combined with fragments of the surrounding world of the poster. The photographer can use the reflection of the glass of a tram stop shelter. A slightly surreal image can be the result. I’m always searching for that. 

The other photo was taken from a kind of banner in the local supermarket. I am a pretty tall person, so when I stretched my camera could easily reach for the model’s eyes.

Up: Diemen, 13/01/11 3.16 pm
Under: Amsterdam, 13/11/17 11.42 am

maandag, januari 07, 2013

Zelfportret # 202-204 (Self portrait # 202-204)

Meanwhile I keep making self portraits. Today number 202-204.
Sometimes I feel like my own bad dream…
Never forget, dear viewer, it is a photograph, it’s not me. I tend to feel very happy.
Up: Diemen (NL) 13/01/03 3.12 pm
Middle: Weesp (NL) 12/12/16 11.39 am
Under: Diemen (NL) 12/12/11 3.16 pm

woensdag, januari 02, 2013

Diemer Plek # 69 (Sites from Diemen NL # 69)

At the backside of the motor highway that circles around my home town Diemen the combination of graffiti and bare branches & twigs turn the photograph into an almost abstract painting.
I wonder how they got those signs behind those trees. It is a pretty steep slope.
This picture came too late for the exhibition at WV15 next Saturday. I would have loved to use it in the show!
Up: De Omloop Diemen (NL) 13/01/02 4.01 pm
Under: De Omloop Diemen (NL) 13/01/02 4.25 pm