woensdag, februari 26, 2014

Diemer Plek # 75 (Sites from Diemen NL # 75)

In my photographs of locations in my hometown Diemen something is slowly changing. When I started 7½ years ago, my main purpose was to capture the meaning & the purpose of the pictured spot. After that I gradually used a more topographic vision. Nowadays I’m looking for a mixture between those two approaches. To that combination I tend to add pictorial elements like the use of  and sometimes the emphasis on atmosphere and color. Or of course the lack of color and atmosphere at a certain spot.
Up: Tureluurweg 2006/09/29 5.29 pm
Under: De Omloop 2014/02/25 5.10 pm

donderdag, februari 20, 2014

Selfies! (Zelfportretten 269, 270, 271_Self-portraits 269, 270, 271)

There’s sometimes a misunderstanding about (my) self portraits. They’re paradoxes. At one hand they’re captures of  who’s really me, at the other and greater hand they’re photographs of a person who is playing a part in some kind of play. Of course I realize that there’s something of me in the photo, but it is not really me.  Every moon has a bright and a dark side.
These ones where made to investigate the effect of a colored eye in a dark monochrome face.
Up: Diemen 2014/2/17 10.25 am
Middle: Diemen 2014/2/18 10.12 am
Under: Diemen 2014/2/18 10.13 am

donderdag, februari 06, 2014

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (133) Because of a Fragmentic Nature (133)

Shopping windows. Experiments with putting the content of the shop, reflections of street life and sometimes signs of letters into one photographic frame.  An image that can only exist in my camera at just one particular moment. Photography can capture frame and time. Bit of Surrealism?
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Up: Amsterdam 2014/01/19 2.41 pm
Middle: Amsterdam 2014/01/19 2.07 pm
Under: Amsterdam 2014/01/19 4.25 pm