vrijdag, april 26, 2013

Diemer Plek # 70 (Sites from Diemen NL # 70)

Up: 2013/04/19 Diemen (NL) 4.44 pm. Strange thing. A mattress in the open. Doesn’t belong there. Photo meant as a tribute to the project ‘Everyday Mattress’ by my colleague Menno Kok.
Under: 2013/04/19 Diemen 4.19 pm. Sometimes common things like storage containers can become like a piece of art. Who’s afraid of the RED?

vrijdag, april 19, 2013

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (125) Because of a Fragmentic Nature (125)

It’s already intriguing me for quite a while: the visual interaction between the content of commercial posters and the ‘real’ visual world. This interaction is sometimes creating a story of its own, which only exists in the reality of the photographic picture. You may call it a bit of surrealism if you like.
Up: Amsterdam 13/04/12 2.45 pm
Under: Amsterdam 13/04/12 18.10 pm

vrijdag, april 12, 2013

Zelfportretten 217-219 (Self portraits 217-219)

217-On my way biking in the polder of Flevoland (Near Dronten 13/03/27, 6.19 pm)
218- That morning I felt like a weeping willow. My long hair like long grey wintry twigs, hanging in my face. So I made up my mind and went to a hairdresser. (Diemen 13/04/05 8.04 am)
219-Short hair makes that someone can feel very barren. Like a brick in a dry wall (Diemen 13/04/08 3.08 pm)

vrijdag, april 05, 2013

Het land langs # 17 (Along the Country Side # 17)

Weather is behaving strangely lately. Still wintry temperatures, no rain at all, often deep blue skies. As a result of the cold atmosphere sunlight is very crisp and clear. Sometimes it makes the world look a bit surreal. (this toilet booth occurred to as a Dr. Who device. I started to look for him, but couldn’t find the guy).
Another thing is that trees keep their completely  bare branches for a longer time as they usually do. In combination with the yellow grass this gives me a feeling of uneasiness, discomfort.
(Maybe the shadow at the 2nd photo is the shadow of dr. Who. Who knows…)
Amsterdam 13/04/02 4.28 pm

Flevoland 13/03/27 4.58 pm