maandag, november 26, 2012

Treincupé (Train compartment)

The other day there was an article in a Dutch newspaper about the increasing popularity of travelling by car amongst people under 40. One of the explanations was the fact that they could use the internet (Wifi!) and listen to music more intensely when travelling by train. As a regular train traveler I like that. As a photographer too, because it can cause nice pictures.
Up: Amsterdam 12/11/21 6.02 pm
Under: Amsterdam 12/11/09 6.56 pm

maandag, november 19, 2012

Diemer Plek # 67 (Sites from Diemen NL # 67)

Diemen, the suburb of Amsterdam where I live has, to put it mildly, a somewhat sleepy character.  This was emphasized by the foggy atmosphere this morning.
Up: Muiderstraat Weg. 12/11/19 11.15 am
Under: Behind the Burgemeester Bickerstraat 11.06 am

maandag, november 12, 2012

maandag, november 05, 2012

Diemer Plek # 66 (Sites from Diemen NL # 66)

What I want to accomplish in my pictures of my hometown Diemen, that somewhat sleepy suburb of Amsterdam, is the perfect image of banality.
My spots of Diemen are commonplaces, but by choosing a perfect point of view, and some postprocessing, I want to express the somewhat surrealistic atmosphere of some ordinary places.
Up: Diemen Diemerplein 12/10/16 3.25 pm
Under: Diemen Kolgans 12/10/23 4.34 pm