zaterdag, juli 30, 2011

Zomaar *9 (Just Like That *9)

Sometimes it is just there. Sheer Magic. I was returning to our hotel room in Kos, when I saw the light of the evening sun strike a red firebox at the wall. This is one those moments that an Everyday Object becomes a thing of a great beauty. Just grab your camera and catch the moment. Wow!
Photo: Kos Greece, 11/7/21, 6.58 pm.

donderdag, juli 28, 2011

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (74) (Because of a Fragmentic Nature (74))

The workshop at Buitenkunst ( in English this means Outside Art, it is a huge camping site with big tents and small temporally built houses in which all kind of workshops are given, theatre, music, painting, singing, writing, video and photography) started with really nice weather. Halfway the week it started raining cats and dogs, and it did so for many days in Holland.
The Bijsterbosch Family was so happy to have booked a trip directly after my return from Buitenkunst to the Greek Island of Kos. We saw only four clouds during our holiday period. Almost every day we spent some time at the swimming pool of the hotel.
Swimming pools at hotels sometimes have a very strange , almost surrealistic atmosphere.
Photo: Kos Greece. 2011/07/18. 2.54 pm.

zaterdag, juli 09, 2011

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (73) (Because of a Fragmentic Nature (73))

I love to play with reflections of the street life and the rendition of a shopping window. It can result into a slightly surreal photograph, which I love to make.
Something else. These are the last pictures for a while. I’m off to give a workshop of a week at
Buitenkunst and when I come back the Bijsterbosch Family is leaving for a holiday to Greece.
I’ll be back at this blog in about three weeks.
Thanks for all the nice comments and stay tuned.
& have a beautiful summer, you all!
Up: Hasselt (Belgium) 11/7/7. 1.05 pm
Under: New York. 5th Avenue. 11/5/15 0.13 pm

woensdag, juli 06, 2011

Diemer Plek # 49 (Sites from Diemen NL # 49)

Sometimes slightly uncommon things in the man-made landscape look like pieces in an arty installation.
Is it the Light or is it the keen eye of the passing photographer that accomplishes such a thing?
Or a hidden power of photography?
Up: Diemen (NL). Diemerplein, 2011/07/05, 4.16 pm
Under: Diemen (NL), Sniep, 2011/-6/24, 4.37 pm.

maandag, juli 04, 2011

Zelfportret # 131 (selfportrait # 131)

All of a sudden the express train came to a standstill, the name of the small station was KijkUit. Which means in English Look Out.
So I did, and I saw the sun slowly going down.
KijkUit (Belgium). 2011/6/16. 9.14 pm.