vrijdag, maart 30, 2012

Zomaar *11 (Just Like That *11)

Early Morning Sunlight and Late Afternoon Sunlight are magical.
These photographs are also the result of a character deviation. Always I’m looking for pictures. Even at home.
Up: Diemen, 12/03/24, 7.23 am
Under: Diemen, 12/03/28 7.37 pm

maandag, maart 26, 2012

Treinraam (Train Window)

Nowadays the train windows are sometimes partly covered with signs and phrases. They can spoil the view, but the 2D eye of the camera makes a surreal image out of it.
Up: Haarlem-Leiden. 12/02/09 10.09 am
Under: Venlo-Nijmegen. 12/02/09. 2.40 pm

maandag, maart 19, 2012

Het land langs # 11 (Along the Country Side # 11)

Some haze on the water, a cloud in the sky, a little bit of wind, one doesn’t need much for a photograph.
IJsselmeer (NL), 12/03/15, 4.29 pm

donderdag, maart 15, 2012

Zelfportret # 157 (Self portrait # 157)

The photographic lines may be blurry ( bad macro & some movement because of lack of light), the image I consider as sharp.
Diemen (NL) 12/03/11 2.01 pm

dinsdag, maart 13, 2012

Diemer Plek # 62 (Sites from Diemen NL # 62)

Nowadays my photography has no actual obligation to what is called reality!
It takes an amount of elements from time and space at a certain spot. With the help of me as a photographer these elements are turned into a realism of its own: the reality of the created image.
This reality should have only a very tiny link with original reality of the ever existing subject which was photographed.
To put it in another way: A photograph of mine has some autobiographical elements, but after all it’s just fiction.
(And yes: Diemen has a rocket!)
Up: Diemen (NL) 12/03/08. 4.31 pm
Under: Diemen (NL) 12/03/12 3.43 pm

zaterdag, maart 10, 2012

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (99) (Because of a Fragmentic Nature (99)

Rain & shop window Light , especially in the twilight hour, can cause fairytale reflections on dull cobble stones. The red umbrella was a small present of the God of Time.

Amsterdam. 12/03/7. 5.27 p

woensdag, maart 07, 2012

Zelfportret # 156 (Self portrait # 156)

It’s not a painting, but a photograph stupid!
It annoys me that many pictures made by photographers use the esthetics of classical painting. Photography has developed its own set of rules of what is esthetical & what not. So use it. In this way the slicing of time for instance plays an important role, which is one of the blessings of the medium.
Diemen, 12/3/6. 10.33 am

maandag, maart 05, 2012

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (98) (Because of a Fragmentic Nature (98

Last weekend the opening of the new European Apple Store took place. It was like a religious service:
A temple for the Apple believers. Yes, I am using a PC. And yes, sometimes I’m working on a Macintosh. They’re good machines. But they’re not divine.
Anyway, it is a beautiful store. An Apple Cathedral. With a stairway that brings you into the Apple Heaven! (& with your feet back on Mother Earth)
Amsterdam. 12/04/03. 3.55 pm

vrijdag, maart 02, 2012

Het land langs # 10 (Along the Country Side # 10)

Another form of physical exercise I practice: cycling along the country site.
In this time of year, especially when the sun doesn’t shine, the scene is very gloomy.
There is an atmosphere of stillness in the air.
Up: Zuiderwoude (NL) 12/02/26 4.30 pm
Under: Abcoude/Geindijk Noord (NL) 12/02/23 3.29 pm
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