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dinsdag, december 27, 2011

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (89) (Because of a Fragmentic Nature (89))

As regular visitors of my weblog may know, as a photographer I am particularly interested in the way the outside world is reflected in shopping windows. And also in the way the content of the shopping window can beautifully combine with the outside street life. Often resulting in a bit surreal image.
Up: Amsterdam. 11/12/23. 1.16 pm
Under: Amsterdam. 11/12/23 1.19 pm

zaterdag, december 24, 2011

donderdag, december 22, 2011

Diemer Plek # 56 (Sites from Diemen NL # 56)

Vertical lines in the photographic composition, especially if they’re not quite straight, sometimes emphasize the subject. In this case the dull peace of a grey winter’s day in a sleepy suburb of Amsterdam.
Up: Diemen Zeezigt. 11/12/7. 12.31 am
Under: Diemen Schoolstraat 11/12/15. 3.01 pm

maandag, december 19, 2011

Zelfportret # 150 (Self portrait # 150)

One doesn’t need eyes to express age.
Taken during a train ride Eindhoven-Amsterdam 11/12/17 7.37 pm

vrijdag, december 16, 2011

Nieuw boek (new book)

Yes, the book 11/11 is ready! You can see it here.

As mentioned before every day has its own two pages: right a photographic image, left layout and some words. It has become a sort of diary of the month. The picture you see has been made on that specific day. Enjoy.
Photograph: 11/11/12 Amsterdam. 1.50 pm

dinsdag, december 13, 2011

Het land langs # 8 (Along the Country Side # 8)

Some weeks ago I was in a part of Holland, the Beemster Polder, which I frequented a lot about 10 years ago. In those days I worked on a provincial project about the region. I was still using B&W then, 2 ¼ x 2 ¼ format. The project turned out to be successful. Many exhibitions and sales. One show was even opened by our future king, prince Willem Alexander.
It is strange to return to an area where I came almost every week for about a year. Like meeting an old friend again.
Up: Beemster Polder. 11/11/29.
Under: Beemster Polder. February 2000.

zaterdag, december 10, 2011

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (88) (Because of a Fragmentic Nature (88))

One of the advantages of digital photography is the small size of the compact camera. So you can always take a device with you. And the acceptable technical quality still occurs as a small miracle to me. It allows me to see things, which were impossible to capture in the analogue era.
Needless to say that I used the stabilization device of the lens when I took the lower picture.
Up: 11/12/7 Amsterdam 9.51 pm
Under: 11/12/4 Amsterdam 5.32 pm

dinsdag, december 06, 2011

Diemer Plek # 55 (Sites from Diemen NL # 55)

It’s something I want to do more: making photographs in which foreground mingles with background.
Up: Diemen (NL) 11/11/17. Gruttoplein. 9.46 am
Under: Diemen (NL) 11/12/04 Achter de Tobias Asserlaan. 3.42 pm

zaterdag, december 03, 2011

Nite & Silence -33

The photograph today is the last I took for my project 11/11, about which I posted a blog at November 7th. I also wrote that I wanted to make a book out of it. Well about 80 % of the book (layout, texts, selection of the photographs) is ready now. Yes, every November day I made a photograph. Thought about design & some words, and put it asap into the design program at my computer. Of course there have been many changes afterwards. There was one important rule : the photograph of the day had to be made at that very day!
Every day of November 2011 will get its own 2 pages, one (right) with the photo of the day and one (left) with a special design and words. The content has to something with the “soul” of November 2011. (Which was a strange November, hardly any storm or rain. In fact a bit dull, only the fog brought us some special days.)
Photograph: Diemen, 11/11/30, 9.23 pm

woensdag, november 30, 2011

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (87) (Because of a Fragmentic Nature (87))

Basically there is “made” photography and there is “found” photography.
“Made” photography is produced by photographers who work out of an idea, a feeling, a concept. They design their photographs and make an image more or less from scratch. For instance much staged photography is made this way.
“Found” photography is made by photographers who walk around and find their images in the world that surrounds them. Of course they also work with an idea, a concept a feeling in their head and hart. They have their strategies.
Of course there are many forms of photography which contain elements of “made” and as well as elements of “found” photography. In fact any form of photography is a mixture.

I particularly consider myself a “finding” photographer. One of my strategies is looking for, finding and using reflections, images of shopping windows and combining these with images of things that are happening outside in the streets. In this way I am aiming to create a bit mysterious, a bit surreal images.

Up: Rotterdam, 11/09/07, 4.43 pm
Under: Amsterdam 11/11/23 3.56 pm

zaterdag, november 26, 2011

maandag, november 21, 2011

Diemer Plek # 56(Sites from Diemen NL # 56)

There’s lot of fog nowadays. Sometimes the world looks a bit like another planet.
Diemen, Prins Mauritslaan. 11/11/20. 11.51 am

donderdag, november 17, 2011

Diemer Plek # 55(Sites from Diemen NL # 55)

Light in November can be very gloomy, but also very cheerful. In both cases it has its own magic. Consider these pictures as a kind of ode to the November Light.
Up: Vogelweg, Diemen. 11/11/11 4.22 pm
Under: Ouddiemerlaan, Diemen. 11/11/16 2.54 pm

maandag, november 14, 2011

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (87) (Because of a Fragmentic Nature (87))

One of the things in Cities that never cease to strike me: The anonymity of people passing by.
Up: Amsterdam 11/11/13 2.52 pm
Under: Amsterdam 11/11/8 4.44 pm

vrijdag, november 11, 2011

Zelfportret # 145-148(Self portrait # 145-148)

Lately I happen to run into myself quite often.
Diemen 11/11/04 3.16 pm
Diemen 11/11/07 11.43 am
Amsterdam 11/11/08 3.42 pm
Diemen 11/11/10 8.57 am

woensdag, november 09, 2011

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (86) (Because of a Fragmentic Nature (86))

Meanwhile I am working on a book about my trip to New York last spring. It will be ready in about 3 weeks. Maybe a nice Christmas present?
Making a book is a nice hell of job.
The photograph today is certainly one to be used. I went to Coney Island the 2nd full day. I found the atmosphere a bit shabby. Lost glory.
Photograph: Coney Island. 11/05/07. 1.03 pm

maandag, november 07, 2011


11/11 is a project I am doing just during this month. Every day I want to make a photograph. The content has something to do with the month of November. Yesterday Petra and I visited my brother. He drove us from the train station in Almelo to his home in Germany. I was struck by the somewhat gloomy atmosphere of the November Landscape.
I am making a book out of these November pictures. Every image will be accompanied by some words. The text by this photograph is “MEMORY LANE”.

(This is the 6th picture in the project. If you want to see more, you have to wait for the book)
Photograph: Getelo (GER)- Uelsen (GER) 11/11/06 11.41 am

maandag, oktober 31, 2011

Zelfportret # 144(Self portrait # 144)

Believe or not, made when I had to wait for a delayed train.
Photograph: Diemen, 11/10/29, 0.52 pm

donderdag, oktober 27, 2011

zaterdag, oktober 22, 2011

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (85) (Because of a Fragmentic Nature (85))

A good photograph has, in my humble opinion, a reality that is some kind of fiction: like novels in which one can still recognize an original, ever existing world, but where the content is fiction. Every resemblance with real persons or a real situation is sheer coincidence.
Photo: New York-Staten Island. 11/05/06. 4.50 pm

woensdag, oktober 19, 2011

Diemer Plek # 53 (Sites from Diemen NL # 53)

The other day I was asked if I wasn’t fed up by taking pictures of Diemen again and again. I’m doing it for over 5 years now. It is a sleepy suburb of Amsterdam, with hardly any soul. My family and I live here for seven years now.
The question still triggers me. Why am I doing this. First of all it is very nearby. But the important thing for me is that it is a perfect playground for slowly developing my vision at landscape and landscape photography.

How much is needed to create a photograph that has an interesting composition and that is personal and that tells the viewer something about life in Diemen and that causes some tension in the atmosphere of the image and that has some strange details some times and that the seasons are changing and that and so on……
(to me the arrow on the cycling path in left down corner at the upper picture is such an intriguing detail)

Up: Diemen, Diemerpolderweg, 11/10/17 3.57 pm
Under: Diemen, Prins Bernhardlaan 11/10/13 2.57 pm

woensdag, oktober 12, 2011

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (84) (Because of a Fragmentic Nature (84))

This is another experiment in combining the image of advertisement posters with everyday street life (& my shadow)
Up: Amsterdam 11/9/23 4.27 pm

Under : Amsterdam 11/9/23 4.14 pm

maandag, oktober 10, 2011

Nite & Silence -31

Essentially the night is just a big black box in which all kinds of things exist. Things which are natural as well as things which are made by man . Sometimes these things become visible, mostly by artificial light. A feeling of disorientation arises. One knows there's something out there, but it stays invisible. What's waiting in the dark?

(Close your curtains, darken your room to fully enjoy these photographs!)

Up: Diemen (NL), Muiderstraatweg, 11/10/04, 10.25 pm
Umder: Diemen (NL), Diemerweg, 11/10/04, 9.58 pm

zaterdag, oktober 08, 2011

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (83) (Because of a Fragmentic Nature (83))

Being in a city, advertisement posters play a great part in our visual world. So why not give them a role in our photographs? Interesting visual stories can be the result.
Up: Amsterdam, 11/9/29 11.30 pm
Under: Amsterdam, 21/9/21 0.21 am

donderdag, oktober 06, 2011

Diemer Plek # 52 (Sites from Diemen NL # 52)

Birds in the photograph, it cannot be denied that Autumn is coming and that some birds are leaving for the warm South. Meanwhile the cars cozily stay at the parking lot.
(to see the birds properly, enlarge the picture to click on it)
Diemen, on a parking lot with no name because it is temporally, 11/10/04, 3.55 pm

dinsdag, oktober 04, 2011