donderdag, november 30, 2017

Three new self-portraits.

The making of self-portraits form a significant part of my life. Here 3 recent examples. Up: Diemen 2017/11/16, 1.45 pm. Middle: Diemen 2017/11/21, 12.05 am Under: Diemen 2017/11/21, 12.18 am.

donderdag, november 09, 2017

Follow the Icon (3)

Some time ago I was at the opening of the exhibition of AndrĂ© Kertesz in the Foam museum in Amsterdam. To me Kertesz is the master of very functional form and very functional compositions. Often, he is also a very gifted player with surreal and surrealistic elements in his images. I could not resist to take a photo in his style. I used some elements from a big print of his photograph. His photographs have a bigger impact if they are printed rather small. The small prints were beautifully printed. If you are in Amsterdam, go and see this exhibition. Photo: Amsterdam, 2017/09/14, 5.19 pm.   

vrijdag, november 03, 2017

Irish notes (7)

Travelling around I often cannot resist the temptation of shooting a self-portrait/selfie. Sometimes a strange mirror in the bathroom is the reason, sometimes a weird lamp in the hotel lobby, sometimes a tree seems to grow out of my head. Up: Derry, 17/8/29, 8.13 am. Middle: Ballina 17/9/4 5.40 pm. Under: Westport, 17/9/7, 1.00 pm.

donderdag, november 02, 2017

A Facebook Challence

I was invited for the following by Harrie. Of course I accepted
"Paul challenged me to take and post ONE B&W photo per day of my life for 7 days with NO people and NO theme and to challenge a different person to do the same. Jaap Bijsterbosch, how about you? Do you accept the challenge?" 
On the 3rd day I wrote this: “This photo was made today, yesterday’s photo in this challenge yesterday, and the 1st photo the day before yesterday. No archive images!”

After the 7th day I wrote this: “For me this is the end of this challenge. It taught me again that I’m basically a color photographer. Although I am sometimes finishing off portraits and self-portraits in b and w. So, a portrait as my last one. Not a picture of a human being, but of a doll in a friend’s garden”.