donderdag, december 31, 2015


From almost the last whisps of sunlight I wish you all a healthy, beautiful an valuable 2016!

dinsdag, december 22, 2015

Düsseldorf Germany

Went to Düsseldorf (Germany) for a day. Sometimes it is fun to stroll around in a foreign city. In some kind of way my senses become sharper! Up: Düsseldorf 15/12/09 1.17 pm. Middle Düsseldorf 15/12/09 2.18 pm. Under Düsseldorf 15/12/09 3.23 pm.

dinsdag, december 01, 2015

Some Selfies or Self-Portraits

You may call them Self-Portraits, you may call them selfies. Up: Berlin, 15/07/10 pm. Middle: Diemen, 15/11/19, 1.16 pm. Under Diemen 15/11/27, 10.40 pm.

vrijdag, oktober 02, 2015


Last summer the family and I went to Berlin for a week. Strange experience, at one hand thousands of tourists, at the other hand all that grim history. Up: Berlin, 15/7/7, 11.15 am. Middle: Berlin, 15/7/7, 11.38 am. Under Berlin, 15/7/7, 2.15 am. 

vrijdag, september 25, 2015

Statues & memorials in Ireland.

Ireland is a country with many statues and memorials. 3 of them here today. Up: Limerick, 15/9/9, 1.44 pm. Middle:  Galway, 15/9/10, 3.01 pm. Under: Galway, 15/9/10, 5.03 pm.

maandag, augustus 31, 2015

Ireland on my mind

This a picture I took 2 years ago while travelling with Petra. A full Irish breakfast. Today I’m off for a short photo trip through Ireland. If possible I’ll inform you the next days. Stay tuned!

vrijdag, augustus 28, 2015

Man & Light.

It has been quite a while since I posted something on this blog. Summertime you know. That meant to me a trip to Berlin, doing 4 workshops at , and having a good time with my wife and family. Summer is almost over now so I want to show photographs again on a regular base. I made a lot of photos, but did not find the time to postprocess.
To start today with self-portraits, which have the theme: Man & Light. Sometimes I was almost swallowed by the Light.

Up: Dronten, 29/7/2015 8.14 pm. Middle: Heiloo 21/7/15 8.48 pm. Under: Bakkum 12/8/15 6.12 pm

dinsdag, juni 23, 2015

June 23 (Wisps of City)

In the spring of 2016 I'm planning a small exhibition in the Amsterdam Window Gallery Studio Franjo . Title: Wisps of City. About casual urban observations. Photos from many European cities. Up photo: Amsterdam, 15/6/4, 8.54 am. Middle photo Dusseldorf, 15/6/20, 1.24 pm. Under photo Amsterdam, 14/10/14, 2.25 pm.

maandag, juni 15, 2015

June 15 (Man & 3 situations)

Man & Mirror. Antwerp, 15/3/13, 5.33 pm-Man & Tree, Schoorlse Duinen, 15/5/16, 4.12 pm. Man & Photo Camera. Deurne, 15/6/4 8.49 pm.

donderdag, juni 11, 2015

June 11 (previous days)

This tree is standing in an area which in April 2010 was almost completely burnt down. The only way to get there is by feet or by bike. Cars are not allowed. It is a strange area, only sand and some trees which were partially left behind by the fire. It feels like being on another planet. Very barren en lost. The tree at the picture is some kind of monument for me. I always stop there for a while.
All Photos: Schoorlse Duinen. Up 14/5/16 4.21 pm, middle 14/9/20 1.58 pm, under 15/6/7 4.50 pm.

donderdag, mei 21, 2015

May 21 (May 2,9,16)

It is one of the things I am doing lately: investigating if a striking (landscape) photograph can be made with a minimum of elements. Up: Bakkum Noord 15/5/2. 5.19 pm. Middle: Schardam 15/5/9 4.32 pm. Under Schoorlse Duinen: 3.59 pm.

vrijdag, mei 15, 2015

May 15 (May 9)

Self portrait 350 since I started to produce them at a regular base. Long before the hype of selfies started. Bakkum (NL) 15/5/9 0.39 am.  

woensdag, mei 13, 2015

May 13 (march 7)

Currently I'm preparing a small book called “Vierkant Antwerpen” (=Square Antwerp). This is one of the photos I will be using. More news in about a fortnight. Photo: Antwerp, 15/03/07 5.13 pm.

woensdag, april 29, 2015

April 29 (April 24).

It may look like Hawaii on a quiet day, but the picture was taken at the Dutch bathing resort Zandvoort on a rather windy day. Zandvoort, 15/4/24, 2.58 pm.  

vrijdag, april 24, 2015

April 24 (march 7).

Some time ago I visited my friend Martin Harlaar ( in Antwerp. During the afternoon we made a long stroll. In the citycenter we met these ladies. Antwerp, 15/03/07, 5.07 pm.

woensdag, april 22, 2015

April 22 (April 15)

What a strange texture at the skirts and the stockings of the lady in front of me. Plastic Fashion at the elevator. Düsseldorf, 15/04/15, 2.15 pm.

vrijdag, april 17, 2015

April 17 (or April 5)

There is new attraction in Amsterdam. Fountains which go off with an irregular interval. Exciting stuff for kids and passing photographers. Amsterdam. 15/04/05, 3.05 pm. 

donderdag, april 16, 2015

April 16, an oldie today.

Well, because I was in Düsseldorf (Germany) yesterday, an older picture today. It was made at the end of a gray day in December, there was not much daylight left. I love the combination of he seagulls and the blueish light. Actually I came to photograph the Christmas Market, but that didn't inspire me. Photo: Düsseldorf, 14/12/09 3.52 pm.  

dinsdag, april 14, 2015

April 14

It was a wrong idea to take and publish a photo every day. One photo a day doesn't work for me (anymore). It is very compulsive and often forces me to take the wrong creative decisions. So I decided to quit and give myself ample time to breath freely and photograph when everything is right. Especially time and opportunity. Also I will take the freedom to post some former photos of which I think that they are interesting for more people. Today a selfie I made some time ago in a train toilet. Looking into the mirror I felt myself in a strange cosmos. Lelystad_Almere 15/4/9. 9.51 pm. 

maandag, april 06, 2015

April 6.

Passing by on my bike, my eyes fell in love with the green of the moss on the tree trunk. Bakkum, 3.42 pm.

zondag, april 05, 2015

April 5.

Easter Sunday. Very crowded in the city. Young people dressed  up like models on the advertisement posters. Amsterdam 4.25 pm.

donderdag, april 02, 2015

April 2.

The observant beholder sees I tend to make most of the photographs during the afternoon. Diemen, 3.51 pm.

woensdag, april 01, 2015

dinsdag, maart 31, 2015

March 31.

Small experiment because of the stormy wind today. What happens if the camera is put on a tripod & you take 12 photographs of a strong moving trees and combine the 12 photos into one picture afterwards by photoshop? Diemen 4.50 pm.  

maandag, maart 30, 2015

March 30.

Made through a passing streetcar. Just wondered how the photograph would show up. It represents to me the volatility of City Life. Amsterdam 1.13 pm.

zondag, maart 29, 2015