dinsdag, juni 23, 2015

June 23 (Wisps of City)

In the spring of 2016 I'm planning a small exhibition in the Amsterdam Window Gallery Studio Franjo http://www.franjo.nl/projektenstart.htm . Title: Wisps of City. About casual urban observations. Photos from many European cities. Up photo: Amsterdam, 15/6/4, 8.54 am. Middle photo Dusseldorf, 15/6/20, 1.24 pm. Under photo Amsterdam, 14/10/14, 2.25 pm.

maandag, juni 15, 2015

June 15 (Man & 3 situations)

Man & Mirror. Antwerp, 15/3/13, 5.33 pm-Man & Tree, Schoorlse Duinen, 15/5/16, 4.12 pm. Man & Photo Camera. Deurne, 15/6/4 8.49 pm.

donderdag, juni 11, 2015

June 11 (previous days)

This tree is standing in an area which in April 2010 was almost completely burnt down. The only way to get there is by feet or by bike. Cars are not allowed. It is a strange area, only sand and some trees which were partially left behind by the fire. It feels like being on another planet. Very barren en lost. The tree at the picture is some kind of monument for me. I always stop there for a while.
All Photos: Schoorlse Duinen. Up 14/5/16 4.21 pm, middle 14/9/20 1.58 pm, under 15/6/7 4.50 pm.