vrijdag, januari 24, 2014

Selfies! (Zelfportretten 264, 267, 268_Self-portraits 264, 267, 268)

Up: Made during a train ride. Face behind a decorated window. Helmond-Eindhoven 13/12/28 7.57 pm.
Middle: Bluesy face. It became very dark in the room, so I could not hold my camera properly. Diemen.  14/1/9 2.54 pm.
Under: For some weeks one of our mirrors has a burst. It fascinates me. Diemen. 14/01/24 11.42 am.

vrijdag, januari 10, 2014

Diemer Plek # 74 (Sites from Diemen NL # 74)

This winter there’s a lot of bare soil in Diemen, Holland. Combined with bare trees and wintry skies this is giving gloomy feelings.
Up: During a couple of years Diemen is reinventing its center. A new shopping mall has been built and now many parks are being reconstructed. I know one day it will be green again but now it is a very sad sight. Diemen, Oranjelaan, 14/1/8, 3.46 pm
Under: At the same time the motor highway which divides Diemen in two parts is being widened. Many trees are destroyed. Here there will be no new green. Only concrete and cars. Diemen, Kanaaldijk, 14/1/2, 2.47 pm