donderdag, maart 27, 2014

Zomaar *14 (Just Like That *14)

UP: It just happened yesterday: the last rays of the sun were beautifully corresponding with the scene at the TV screen. Some images just take place.
Diemen, 14/3/25 6.56 pm
UNDER: This one I made some time ago. We still had a rather small TV those days.

Diemen 13/1/24 4.54 pm

donderdag, maart 06, 2014

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (134) Because of a Fragmentic Nature (134)

Last Sunday I revisited the carnival in Maastricht, in the deep South of Holland. As always I was struck by the somewhat surreal atmosphere. For former pictures of the carnival click at the word Carnaval in the labels underneath this message.
Up: Maastricht 14/3/2 2.02 pm
Middle: Maastricht 14/3/2 2.52 pm
Under: Maastricht 14/3/2 3.16 pm