maandag, augustus 31, 2015

Ireland on my mind

This a picture I took 2 years ago while travelling with Petra. A full Irish breakfast. Today I’m off for a short photo trip through Ireland. If possible I’ll inform you the next days. Stay tuned!

vrijdag, augustus 28, 2015

Man & Light.

It has been quite a while since I posted something on this blog. Summertime you know. That meant to me a trip to Berlin, doing 4 workshops at , and having a good time with my wife and family. Summer is almost over now so I want to show photographs again on a regular base. I made a lot of photos, but did not find the time to postprocess.
To start today with self-portraits, which have the theme: Man & Light. Sometimes I was almost swallowed by the Light.

Up: Dronten, 29/7/2015 8.14 pm. Middle: Heiloo 21/7/15 8.48 pm. Under: Bakkum 12/8/15 6.12 pm