woensdag, februari 20, 2013

Being a Nominee three times!

6th Annual Photography Masters Cup
Dear Jaap Bijsterbosch,

CONGRATULATIONS on being a Nominee at the 6th Annual Photography Masters Cup with:

Nominee in Americana | New York
Nominee in Fine Art | Blue
Nominee in Fine Art | Pavement

8,521 entries were received from 86 countries and your work received a high percentage of votes overall. Certainly an achievement, well done!
The Awards Jury represents the industry's biggest names and tastemakers who reviewed the entries online before making the nomination shortlist and honoring 239 title awards in 18 categories. The Awards could not have wished for a better group of professionals to work with.
Congratulations once again on being a Nominee and we wish you a most successful photography year.
Best regards,
Basil O'Brien
Creative Director

maandag, februari 11, 2013

Zomaar *13 (Just Like That *13)

“The democratic camera”. This term, invented by William Eggleston, one of my big heroes, is the title of a workshop I’ll be giving at “Buitenkunst” this summer. It will be about how the photo camera can turn everyday situations and subjects into icons of beauty. Photoshop post processing will be allowed, but only to emphasize some characteristics!
Up: Diemen, 12/12/24, 4.56 PM
Under: Diemen, 13/01/13 3.09 PM