vrijdag, mei 31, 2013

Diemer Plek # 71 (Sites from Diemen NL # 71)

Sometimes I feel the urge to give way to the more romantic part of my soul. I wander around my hometown Diemen and see idyllic scenes that fiercely strike me between the eyes. Then I just have to take the pictures. And I like them.
Up: Diemen, Tobias Asserlaan, 2013/4/19, 3.52 pm
Middle: Diemen, Gruttoplein, 2013/4/26, 11.53 am
Under: Diemen, Spoorpad, 2013/05/27, 11.03 am

woensdag, mei 22, 2013

Het land langs # 20 (Along the Country Side # 20)

UP: This was made from an artificial little hill. Yes, it’s my bike in the left corner underneath.
The only way to get here is on foot or by bike. Standing the this top one is overlooking a former sea. It’s right: God created the world, we Dutch created our country from the sea. Flevoland_Hanzestrook. 2013/05/17 5.31 pm
MIDDLE: Passing this spot it was a bit like being on another planet. But No, it is Holland, Polder Flevoland. Flevoland_Hanzestrook. 2013/05/17 5.43 pm
UNDER: When dusk was there I felt being in the Twilight Zone. Flevoland_Randmeer. 2013/05/18 8.50 pm

donderdag, mei 16, 2013

Zelfportretten 220-223 (Self portraits 220-223)

220 As David Bowie once has been singing: The Serious Moonlight! (Yes, my s-90 compact camera is a miracle!) (Bakkum, 13/04/20)

221 One morning I awoke laying on a weird pillow.  (Bakkum, 13/04/28 7.16 am)

222 Sometimes I’m blocking myself (Diemen 13/05/03 11.11 am,  plus a long post processing and reflection process)

223 It was the Last Red Light of that day. (Amsterdam 13/05/07 9.02 pm)

dinsdag, mei 07, 2013

Het land langs # 19 (Along the Country Side # 19)

Last Sunday I cycled along the ‘Hondbosse Zeewering’.  It is a seawall against the North Sea. Very strange place. A soon as I arrive at the strip of asphalt at the foot of the I was blown in my face by the enormous space. (You have to enlarge the images by clicking it. Otherwise you could for instance easily miss the seagulls in the right upper corner of the first image.)

Up: Hondbosse Zeewering  2013/05/05 2.05 pm

Under: Hondbosse Zeewering 2013/05/05 2.12 pm

vrijdag, mei 03, 2013

Het land langs # 18 (Along the Country Side # 18)

Last Wednesday afternoon I cycled along the dike between Lelystad en Muiden. I had the wind at my back. It was a perfect afternoon. When I am cycling my thoughts become very clear.
Up: Oostvaarders Dijk. 13/05/01 4.19 pm
Under: Oostvaarders Dijk 13/05/01 4.13 pm