donderdag, december 31, 2015


From almost the last whisps of sunlight I wish you all a healthy, beautiful an valuable 2016!

dinsdag, december 22, 2015

Düsseldorf Germany

Went to Düsseldorf (Germany) for a day. Sometimes it is fun to stroll around in a foreign city. In some kind of way my senses become sharper! Up: Düsseldorf 15/12/09 1.17 pm. Middle Düsseldorf 15/12/09 2.18 pm. Under Düsseldorf 15/12/09 3.23 pm.

dinsdag, december 01, 2015

Some Selfies or Self-Portraits

You may call them Self-Portraits, you may call them selfies. Up: Berlin, 15/07/10 pm. Middle: Diemen, 15/11/19, 1.16 pm. Under Diemen 15/11/27, 10.40 pm.