maandag, september 09, 2013

Het land langs # 23 (Along the Country Side # 23)

It was the last real summer’s day of 2013. At least in Holland. The wind was from the South East. I went for a bike ride along the dike between Lelystad and Enkhuizen. It is a dike through The Ijsselmeer, a huge inner lake in the northern part of Holland. The dike is about 30 kilometers long. Just sitting on the bike I felt very small in the enormous blue space.
Time & Space turned into just one dimension.
Up: Houtribdijk Lelystad-Enkhuizen. 13/9/5 5.03 pm
Under: Houtribdijk Lelystad-Enkhuizen. 13/9/5 5.07 pm

dinsdag, september 03, 2013

About Tricycles

Ever since I got hold of William Eggleston’s Guide ( I developed a  fascination for tricycles in a picture. So when I saw the upper one last summer in Ireland, I just couldn’t resist it. A lonely tricycle has always something sad to me.
The other photos were taken in Greece and Diemen-Holland.
Up: Coomhala (Irl) 2013/7/11 10.34 am
Middle: Mandraki (Gr) 2011/7/32 2.23 pm
Under: Diemen (NL) 2012/11/5 4.09 pm