zaterdag, december 03, 2011

Nite & Silence -33

The photograph today is the last I took for my project 11/11, about which I posted a blog at November 7th. I also wrote that I wanted to make a book out of it. Well about 80 % of the book (layout, texts, selection of the photographs) is ready now. Yes, every November day I made a photograph. Thought about design & some words, and put it asap into the design program at my computer. Of course there have been many changes afterwards. There was one important rule : the photograph of the day had to be made at that very day!
Every day of November 2011 will get its own 2 pages, one (right) with the photo of the day and one (left) with a special design and words. The content has to something with the “soul” of November 2011. (Which was a strange November, hardly any storm or rain. In fact a bit dull, only the fog brought us some special days.)
Photograph: Diemen, 11/11/30, 9.23 pm

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