dinsdag, augustus 13, 2013

Het land langs # 22 (Along the Country Side # 22)

My weblog & Facebook friends may have noticed that I did not publish new posts for a while. I was away, giving some workshops at Buitenkunst (www.buitenkunst.nl) . Which in itself a very inspiring activity. For me, and I hope for my participants too. My groups made some beautiful presentations, among them a big slide show in the theatre about photographing democratically. Which has to do with treating equally every element in the photo, every detail is of the same importance. Looking for the perfect banal.
In another workshop my group made a beautiful show of photographs as a d├ęcor for a concert of tango music.
Very inspiring, but I can’t find hardly the time to take new photographs and more over to think of new stories.
But sometimes I can bike around for a while and take some typical Dutch Landscape Pictures.
Up: Zalk (NL) 13/08/10 12.19 am
Middle: Oostvaardersdijk (NL) 13/07/27 3.06 pm
Under: Drontermeerdijk (NL) 13/08/06 1.10 pm

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