donderdag, augustus 29, 2013

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (128) Because of a Fragmentic Nature (128)

Up: Waiting for bus 44. This was bus 335 I was looking through. Strange coincidence of the profile of a face of a woman in the bus, my face and hands in the reflection of the bus window, and a face at a commercial poster in the background behind the bus.(Amsterdam, 29/8/13, 3.05 pm)
Middle: I just can’t resist it. When I see this game of light and shadow and those small events of people passing spots of sunlight, my camera is in my hand and before my eye. And yes I push the button and at night behind the PC I do the rest.(Amsterdam, 29/8/13, 2.25 pm)
Under: More and more I am fascinated by the expressiveness of signs and letters in a photograph. (Amsterdam. 13/8/13 4.01 pm)

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