woensdag, mei 22, 2013

Het land langs # 20 (Along the Country Side # 20)

UP: This was made from an artificial little hill. Yes, it’s my bike in the left corner underneath.
The only way to get here is on foot or by bike. Standing the this top one is overlooking a former sea. It’s right: God created the world, we Dutch created our country from the sea. Flevoland_Hanzestrook. 2013/05/17 5.31 pm
MIDDLE: Passing this spot it was a bit like being on another planet. But No, it is Holland, Polder Flevoland. Flevoland_Hanzestrook. 2013/05/17 5.43 pm
UNDER: When dusk was there I felt being in the Twilight Zone. Flevoland_Randmeer. 2013/05/18 8.50 pm

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