vrijdag, april 05, 2013

Het land langs # 17 (Along the Country Side # 17)

Weather is behaving strangely lately. Still wintry temperatures, no rain at all, often deep blue skies. As a result of the cold atmosphere sunlight is very crisp and clear. Sometimes it makes the world look a bit surreal. (this toilet booth occurred to as a Dr. Who device. I started to look for him, but couldn’t find the guy).
Another thing is that trees keep their completely  bare branches for a longer time as they usually do. In combination with the yellow grass this gives me a feeling of uneasiness, discomfort.
(Maybe the shadow at the 2nd photo is the shadow of dr. Who. Who knows…)
Amsterdam 13/04/02 4.28 pm

Flevoland 13/03/27 4.58 pm

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