dinsdag, oktober 04, 2016

New Exhibition!

Seaward at Night. Castricum on the Sea.
There’s something strange about spots in the night. Everything that looks normal in daylight often becomes frightening, mysterious or magical in the dark.
Essentially the night is just a big black box in which all kinds of things exist. Things which are natural as well as things which are man made. Sometimes these things become visible, mostly by artificial light. A feeling of disorientation arises. One knows there’s something out there, but it stays invisible. What’s waiting in the dark? In my pictures this atmosphere is captured. There’s also a distance from everyday life, calmness and concentration; moods which are often to be felt at night.
The secret of the night is revealed from the parking lot onto the beach!
Gallery Seascape. 7 Dorpstraat Castricum Holland. Open Thursday-Sunday 2.00-5.30 pm.

Exhibition runs from october 16th untill november 11th 2016.                                                                               

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