dinsdag, juli 30, 2013

Some culinary adventures in Ireland

One night during our wonderful bicycle trip to Ireland Petra and I were sitting outside the bed and breakfast in Castletown Berehaven. It was a beautiful spot with a great view over a bay of the Atlantic. We were the only guests. The owner came to us to show the mackerels he caught that very evening. Great fishes! And very tasteful at breakfast the next morning!
The other photos show the full Irish Breakfast I used to take as an energy boost before the cycling trip every day. And the result after 7 minutes.
Castletown Berehaven 13/07/08 10.01 pm
Castletown Berehaven 13/07/09 9.30 am
Glenbara 13/07/11 8.39 am
Glenbara 13/07/11 8.46 am

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