donderdag, juli 28, 2011

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (74) (Because of a Fragmentic Nature (74))

The workshop at Buitenkunst ( in English this means Outside Art, it is a huge camping site with big tents and small temporally built houses in which all kind of workshops are given, theatre, music, painting, singing, writing, video and photography) started with really nice weather. Halfway the week it started raining cats and dogs, and it did so for many days in Holland.
The Bijsterbosch Family was so happy to have booked a trip directly after my return from Buitenkunst to the Greek Island of Kos. We saw only four clouds during our holiday period. Almost every day we spent some time at the swimming pool of the hotel.
Swimming pools at hotels sometimes have a very strange , almost surrealistic atmosphere.
Photo: Kos Greece. 2011/07/18. 2.54 pm.

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