zaterdag, juli 09, 2011

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (73) (Because of a Fragmentic Nature (73))

I love to play with reflections of the street life and the rendition of a shopping window. It can result into a slightly surreal photograph, which I love to make.
Something else. These are the last pictures for a while. I’m off to give a workshop of a week at
Buitenkunst and when I come back the Bijsterbosch Family is leaving for a holiday to Greece.
I’ll be back at this blog in about three weeks.
Thanks for all the nice comments and stay tuned.
& have a beautiful summer, you all!
Up: Hasselt (Belgium) 11/7/7. 1.05 pm
Under: New York. 5th Avenue. 11/5/15 0.13 pm

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odette zei

Veel plezier met allebei! Wij gaan weer ruig het laatste weekend Buitenkunst doen, gezellig in de regen waarschijnlijk, net als vorig jaar;-)