donderdag, februari 20, 2014

Selfies! (Zelfportretten 269, 270, 271_Self-portraits 269, 270, 271)

There’s sometimes a misunderstanding about (my) self portraits. They’re paradoxes. At one hand they’re captures of  who’s really me, at the other and greater hand they’re photographs of a person who is playing a part in some kind of play. Of course I realize that there’s something of me in the photo, but it is not really me.  Every moon has a bright and a dark side.
These ones where made to investigate the effect of a colored eye in a dark monochrome face.
Up: Diemen 2014/2/17 10.25 am
Middle: Diemen 2014/2/18 10.12 am
Under: Diemen 2014/2/18 10.13 am

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