vrijdag, januari 24, 2014

Selfies! (Zelfportretten 264, 267, 268_Self-portraits 264, 267, 268)

Up: Made during a train ride. Face behind a decorated window. Helmond-Eindhoven 13/12/28 7.57 pm.
Middle: Bluesy face. It became very dark in the room, so I could not hold my camera properly. Diemen.  14/1/9 2.54 pm.
Under: For some weeks one of our mirrors has a burst. It fascinates me. Diemen. 14/01/24 11.42 am.

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Anoniem zei

Scary ass mofo!!

Anoniem zei

You are crazy man! Your look like a horror movie.

Anoniem zei

Hee wat een super de duper coole foto's!!!!!!! mail me @ Joost_Berkel@hotmail.com Groetjes Joostje