donderdag, september 06, 2012

Zelfportret # 186-188 (Self portrait # 186-188)

Some more details about the exhibition of Self Portraits. I finally decided to opt for the title Self! (Zelf!). Notice the exclamation mark! It is used because of exhibiting self portraits is a statement.
The opening will be Sunday 0ctober 7th, 2.00 -5.00 pm.  Jo Hameleers will officially open the show.
It is at the gallery W1F!, Nieuwe Zijds Voorburgwal, Amsterdam. The ehibitions will run from October 9th until October 27th. Opening hours 0-6 pm. Sundays & Mondays closed.
186 Randmeer (NL) 12/8/25 8.51 am
187 Randmeer (NL) 12/8/25 8.52 am
188 Amsterdam 12/9/4 22.30 pm

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