vrijdag, augustus 17, 2012

Zelfportret # 181-184 (Self portrait # 181-184)

October 2012 I will exhibit a selection of my self portraits at the gallery W1F in Amsterdam. More details to follow. I think I will call the show ZELF? (SELF?).
The question mark expresses my ambiguous feeling towards the subject. They reveal something about my personality, but I am also an actor in a kind of still photo. I play a character using photographic elements like light and shadow, timing and color or non color to shape this character.
Antwerpen (BE) 12/7/2 4.32 pm
Randmeer (NL) 12/8/4 1.14 am
Randmeer (NL) 12/8/7 7.15 am
Flevoland (NL) 12/8/10 7.19 pm

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