maandag, augustus 13, 2012

Het land langs # 14 (Along the Country Side # 14)

A few days ago I came back from 2 fantastic weeks of work at the Dutch foundation “BUITENKUNST”. For more information take a look at the website. I was giving 2 workshops there: one week at my own about the making of an own photobook and one general week of photography with my wonderful college FEMKE VAN HEUGTEN, a very good photographer and teacher.
At the grounds of Buitenkunst many kinds of workshops are given: sculpture, painting but also singing, theatre, music, poetry ect. 
The workshops are given during daytime, in the evening there are lots of presentations, shows, performances, exhibitions. There is often a hectic, almost electrifying atmosphere, which is very inspiring for both teachers as well as participants.
Everybody sleeps at the terrain.  Some evenings  I felt the need for a moment for some rest and peace and I took my bike for a small tour in the surroundings.
Buitenkunst is in a part of Holland which used to be sea 60 years ago. So you find a rather artificial land, very flat. I tried to make metaphorical landscapes, with thanks to painting college RENÉ DE ROOZE, whose workshop gave me the final idea.
Moreover all the colleges were a great & warm team to work with! And almost every participant was very eager to learn.
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