zondag, juni 26, 2011

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (72) (Because of a Fragmentic Nature (72))

During my photographic life I gradually found out that to me the photograph is more important than its subject. In other words the world that is represented in the photograph is the main issue, not the moment and place where the picture was taken.
I realize there is some paradox in this. I always give the viewer of this blog information about time and place of the actual picture taking.
The tension that sometimes exists between the world of the photograph and the reality of the world where and when the photograph was taken often creates a smaller or bigger surrealistic effect. I love that a lot.
Up: Brussels (B) 2011/4/24 4.57 pm
Under: New York (USA) 2011/5/13 9.50 am

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Erna zei

It is like exploring the inner landscape of a scene or a combination of a moment&time. And without an inner landscape an image will stay maybe beautiful but also superficial and will soon be forgotten, do'nt you think so?