donderdag, januari 15, 2015

January 15

One of the specialties of photography is the ability to make boring places more vivid. This a small parking lot not far from the spot where I live. I consider it a rather ugly place, especially if it is such a grey rainy day as today. Still the photograph has some vivid elements. This photo fits into one of my ongoing projects, a series about spots in my hometown Diemen. It is about the feeling I have about these places, to me it is as if Diemen is still unfinished. More about Diemen to follow during this year. Diemen, 3.14 pm. 

2 opmerkingen:

Unknown zei

Dit beeld vind ik kenmerkend voor jou. Om het gevoel, dat je op zulk een plek krijgt, zo goed te verbeelden is een prestatie.

Jaap Bijsterbosch zei

Dank je Peter.