donderdag, juni 13, 2013

Zelfportretten 224-227 (Self portraits 224-227)

224-Made at Buitenkunst Randmeer, the location where every year I am giving workshops during some weekends and some weeks. This is the place where I started the project of the self portraits. So every time I’m there I want to make a new one. Here I wanted to something with how to look. Because IMO photography always starts with looking. 2013/05/20 0.56 am. Dronten (NL)
225-My shadow is a landmark in time & space. 2013/06/02 3.39 pm Bakkum (NL)
226-Woke up one morning… 2013/06/03 7.40_7.41 am Bakkum (NL)
227-Mirror means reflection. In Every Sense of the Word. 2013/06/07 0.46 am Bakkum (NL)

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