woensdag, oktober 17, 2012

Diemer Plek # 65 (Sites from Diemen NL # 65)

Some people wonder if I am still working on my series about Diemen, my home town. Well, I can reassure them, I am still working on it.
Gradually the way I am depicting this suburb is changing.  I used to make some kind of topographic images. Nowadays I tend to make photographs which I call controlled snapshots. They are like postcards, but with subjects which are unusual for postcards.
A funny thing about working a long time (6 years now) on Sites from Diemen is that not only my photographic vision changes, but also the town itself.  I captured spots which changed radically, or even disappeared.
Up: Hartveldseweg. 12/10/08. 15.45
Under: Prinses Beatrixlaan 16/10/12. 16.01

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