maandag, juli 23, 2012

Zelfportret # 177-180 (Self portrait # 177-180)

Number 177 I took because I was inspired by the very special color blue.
Number 178 was taken at the occasion of a new jacket.
Number 179 needs a somewhat longer story. Every year in summer I am working for the Dutch foundation “Buitenkunst” (meaning Outside Art). On a special camping site all kinds of art workshops are given. Painting, singing (pop and classical), theatre, dance an yes photography. I am giving photography. I am sleeping a small van. When I want to read a book I use a special reading lamp, which is attached at my forehead. I am using this lamp as an attribute for a special effect in a self portrait. I was a mine worker in 2010, a space man in 2011, this year I moved my head after the flash so a strange trace of light occurs above my head.
Number 180 I took because I liked the small yellow flower.
177 Antwerpen 12/7/7 3.25 pm
178 Diemen 12/7/11 10.27 am
179 Randmeer 12/7/17 0.43 am
180 Bergen 12/7/23 2.36 pm

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