vrijdag, augustus 05, 2011

Zelfportret # 133 & 134 (Self portrait # 133 & 134)

Two self portraits: The b and w one was made during my last week of workshopping at Buitenkunst, in the morning, waiting for a new joyful day to com. (As you can see, I’m never at my best in the morning).
The picture of the wave with my faint shadow on it could be a point of discussion. Is it still a self portrait? This kind of question will certainly arise during my next week of giving a workshop at Buitenkunst, which has as main subject Self Portrait. I’m leaving Saturday and I’ll be back one week later. After that I’ll be off for Rome and Milano for a short trip with my sun Jonas, because he successfully passed his exam this spring.
So I’ll be back in about three weeks. Stay tuned.
Up: Buitenkunst Randmeer. 11/7/10. 8.43 am
Under: Boat Kos-Nissyros (GR) 11/7/23 8.52 am

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