dinsdag, december 20, 2016

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As long as I know his work, I've always been fascinated by the way Lee Friedlander in his street scenes uses a kind of personal signature by also photographing his own shadow or reflection, usually without this being the main subject in the photo. Thereby breaking the taboo one shouldn’t making his shadow of reflection making visible in the photograph.
That freedom to use my own shadow and reflection as a kind of surreal game to play with the observed reality and then capture and fix it with the photo camera, that freedom I have more or less stolen from him. In the images I sometimes make with my own shadow and / or reflection, I am indebted to him. I do not mind. In the exhibition "SELFIES / SELF-PORTRAITS. Wtf! © Jaap Bijsterbosch", which can be seen in February 1017 in Gallery WM I'm going to show a small selection of such images.
Up: Oostende (Bel), 16/8/2016 2.52 pm. Middle: Cork (Ire), 4/9/2016, 11.12 am. Under Galway (Ire), 15/9/2016, 6.16 pm.

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