woensdag, november 16, 2016

Follow the Icon 1 Henri Cartier Bresson

In many photographs I make I trace an influence of a picture I once saw. I am aware of that, sometimes during the moment I shoot the photograph, sometimes afterwards.  Sometimes the Icon Photo will be a very famous one, sometimes a rather anonymous snapshot.
So my plan is to post from time to time a photo made by me, accompanied by a description in words of the Icon Photo and the name of the photographer.
The idea behind Follow the Icon is that, although as  a photographer I developed a reasonable signature and style of my own, I often am influenced by other examples. I do not mind at all; I think this a very interesting phenome.
Today: Follow the Icon 1-Because of Henri Cartier Bresson.
A man is anonymously cycling through a street. At the right moment, the cyclist perfectly placed into the composition, the photographer pushes the button. A somewhat longer exposure time whereby the speed of the cyclist becomes tangible. (My picture I made this year in Cork, the photo of CB was somewhere in the back of my mind)

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