zaterdag, maart 12, 2016

New Exhibition!

Wisps of City.

There’s a new show coming up! From April 1st I will display some 90 photographs. About how one can feel walking in a (big) city. In a city I often feel a slight alienation. Huge numbers of people, passing each other almost anonymously, commercial posters and lights, tall buildings, suddenly a face in the crowd.
My show is a collection of seemingly fleeting observations made in a.o. Aachen, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Berlin, Bruges, Cork, Dublin, Düsseldorf, Frankfort, Galway, Gent, Lausanne, Louvain, Lisbon, New York, Stettin, Vienna, Zürich, Zwolle.
Where: Window gallery, Franjo Studio, 2nd van der Helsstraat 41, Amsterdam.
The opening will be at April 1st , 5.00-7.00 pm. 
You’re very welcome to drink a glass with me then!   Photos: Up: Louvain (Bel) 12/9/27 4.08 pm, middle: Vienna (Aut) 14/8/10 1.52 pm, under Cork 15/9/11 3.41 pm.

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