zondag, januari 29, 2012

Nieuw boek (New book)

Last year I was in New York, because of the exhibition ”Dutch Delight”, as regular followers of my weblog may know. I spent quite a lot of time with the set-up and the lay-out of the show (together with Dutch and Agniet) and some more organizational affairs. Still I had plenty of time to discover New York (and Washington for a day) and make lot of photographs.

At last I made a final selection of the image and completed a pod book: “NYC fragments & Some more”. You can see a preview here.
The photo you see today was made in my hotel room. Every night at 2.00 am the garbage was collected right under my room window. Nevertheless I thoroughly enjoyed my stay, also because of the warm welcome by Kenneth & June and Leendert.
Photo: New York Cidela Bed&Breakfast 11/05/10 10.47 pm

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