dinsdag, januari 27, 2015

January 27.

I was just figuring out if the combination of the painting of the roses on the van in the foreground & the bare tree in the background could result into an interesting photograph. Then the blond lady passed by. Sheer coincidence. But the collection of these elements in one picture is intriguing me. So this is the photo of the day. Amsterdam, Dapper Market, 3.59 pm.

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maandag, januari 26, 2015

January 26.

This was happening to me today: walking along the small canal, in the gray light of the drizzle, I suddenly felt myself in the 19th century. Amsterdam, 1.27 pm.

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zondag, januari 25, 2015

January 25.

This is such a sad sight. Small orange flags from the Summertime when the Dutch soccer team went to a 3rd place in the world championship in Brazil. Diemen, Gruttoplein, 3.26 pm.

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zaterdag, januari 24, 2015

January 24.

Looking outside the window I saw the first snow for almost 2 years. Wonder what happened this morning under my balcony. 9.39 am.

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January 23.

Looking into a shopping window today I noticed William Klein is back! Amsterdam, Kalverstraat, 3.03 pm.

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January 22.

Strange place in Diemen, my hometown. I think the architect has been looking very superficially to Mondrian. Diemen, Havikskruid, 3.44 pm.

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January 21.

Square format gives strange dimensions to an everyday place! I love to watch people from above. Amsterdam Arena Station, 3.03 pm.

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dinsdag, januari 20, 2015

January 20.

Garbage at closing time. Market square at “Dappermarkt” Amsterdam. 4.35 pm.

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maandag, januari 19, 2015

January 19.

There was a fog upon Diemen, 10.46 am.

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zondag, januari 18, 2015

January 18

It was one of those afternoons that all colors almost vanished. Diemen, 3.08 pm

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zaterdag, januari 17, 2015

January 17

Just after breakfast, Sunlight had a very pleasant suprise. Diemen 09.54 am.

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January 16

Went to Antwerp for a day. Always a strange experience. It feels abroad for me, but I can use my own language. Beautiful light. As Usual, I felt very much at home in this city. Antwerp, Belgium 0.54 pm

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donderdag, januari 15, 2015

January 15

One of the specialties of photography is the ability to make boring places more vivid. This a small parking lot not far from the spot where I live. I consider it a rather ugly place, especially if it is such a grey rainy day as today. Still the photograph has some vivid elements. This photo fits into one of my ongoing projects, a series about spots in my hometown Diemen. It is about the feeling I have about these places, to me it is as if Diemen is still unfinished. More about Diemen to follow during this year. Diemen, 3.14 pm. 

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woensdag, januari 14, 2015

January 14

Ice Rink is waiting for Winter to come. Diemen, 2.17 pm.

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dinsdag, januari 13, 2015

January 13

That's what I want in photography, just to be touched by what I see. When I wanted to eat this egg this morning, its vulnerability just struck me, I couldn't restist the urge to grab a camera. Diemen, 9.37 am.

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January 12

Araki show at the Foam Museum. The floor is radiant! Amsterdam, 1.45 pm.

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January 11

Dying hours of the beautiful exhibition “Modern Times” at the National Museum. Amsterdam 4.17 pm.

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January 10

Looked through the window of the bus stop. My street looks very gloomy. Diemen, 1.07 pm.

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January 9

She is about 20 years old. Diemen 8.58 pm.

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January 8

Joining the protest march against the terror at Charlie Hebdo. Today we are all Charlie. Amsterdam 6.02 pm.   

January 7

After a warm evening in the pub with some very good friends. Waiting for my train to leave. I play a little with my 3d spectacles from last Sunday.. Selfportrait 332. Amsterdam 0.21 am.

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January 6

Jeanette Bos at in café (pub) Kalkhoven. Unsharpness is the new sharpness. Amsterdam 8.16 pm.

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January 5

At the Jewish Historical Museum: the collection of Howard Greenberg. Loved those monochrome photos exposed in such a classical way. Amsterdam, 1.42 pm.

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maandag, januari 12, 2015

January 4

Petra and I went to the movies. Watched “The Hobbit”. Imax and 3D. I Went to the toilet. Saw my face in the mirror. Self portrait 331. Amsterdam, 1.56 pm.

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January 3

My home town Diemen, an Amsterdam suburb, is surrounded by Motor Highways.
Some small parts of rough land are saved. Diemen, 3.01 pm.

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January 2

The entrance hall of the National Museum. Overcrowded today. Amsterdam, 0.39 pm.

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January 1

A very happy and healthy 2015 to you all! This year I want to make some kind of a photo diary. To exploit some of the great photographic possiblities every day life offers.

The first day of the year always gives me a bleak feeling. Not that I drank that much the evening before, but the new year is still empty, waiting for the things to come. Diemen, 2.21 pm.

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woensdag, december 24, 2014

Happy Xmas and a very good 2015!

This is our cat. She wishes you a happy Xmas and a very good 2015!

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dinsdag, december 09, 2014

Rediscovery of Black and White.

Recently I changed some self portraits from color into black and white. And yes, they become stronger. Here is one example .
In a few days some more, so stay tuned.
Photograph made at Bakkum, The Netherlands, 02/09/2014 11.30 am.

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zaterdag, november 22, 2014

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (139) Because of a Fragmentary Nature (139)

There are many beautiful and warm evenings at the Prater, that sometimes a bit surrealistic fancy fair in Vienna.

Vienna 9/8/14 9.43 pm

Vienna 10/8/14 9.00 pm

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vrijdag, november 14, 2014

At night by the Seaside.

Being at night by the seaside is a magical experience. It is alienating, strange. It feels a bit like being on another planet.

A plane is flying over. It´s almost like an ufo. CastricumaanZee. 14/10/9. 9.50 pm

Full Moon Rising! CastricumaanZee 14/9/7 9.55 pm

Heavy Wind. A thunderstorm in the distance. CastricumaanZee 14/10/9 10.01 pm

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maandag, november 03, 2014

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (138) Because of a Fragmentary Nature (138)

Last summer our family spent some wonderful days in Vienna. It was a surprisingly interesting city. Very vivid. One of the most interesting spots was the 'Prater' a large permanent fancy fair. Here was one of the key scenes in the film “The 3rd Man”, a good old time classic. Especially at night the atmosphere was some kind of fairy tale.
Other key scenes of this film were situated in the sewers. But I did not go there.
Up: Vienna Prater. 14/8/9. 9.50 pm

Under: Vienna Prater. 14/8/10 9.37 pm

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maandag, oktober 20, 2014

Two nominations!

Two nominations at the Black Spider Award! (http://www.thespiderawards.com/9thshow/) One in the category Portrait, one in the category Fine Art! Pretty proud about it, also because I just sent in two photographs, two self portraits.
Up: Self Portrait 245 Bakkum 13/09/17 12.37 am (Fine Art)

Under: Self Portrait 206 Diemen 13/01/17 3.53 pm (Portrait)

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dinsdag, september 30, 2014

some more Self-Portraits?

Well, it’s quite a long time since I published something on this blog. After a very fine summer with some beautiful trips and some very inspiring workshops I gave at the Dutch foundation Buitenkunst (means something like Outside Art) (www.buitenkunst.nl ) it is time to leave something on the web. A few days ago my colleague Marco Bakker asked me, what do you call them, selfies or self-portraits. Self-portraits I promptly said, but now I am not so sure anymore.
They’re a kind of moments from a film of my life, a kind of still photographs. So I call them SELF STILLS!

Up: Uithoorn (NL) 14/09/28 5.25 pm

Under: Bakkum (NL) 14/09/28 1.25 am

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woensdag, juli 02, 2014

Vanwege Fragmentarische Aard (137) Because of a Fragmentary Nature (137)

A shopping window is a favorite subject matter for me. I can play endlessly with reflections of street life, letter signs, poster in the window, clothes, mannequins and sometimes even real people put into just one single image, which has only existed on my camera sensor. The power of Photography!  Up: Amsterdam 14/06/12 4.50 pm  Under: Aachen 14/06/11 5.02 pm

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donderdag, juni 26, 2014

Het land langs # 25 (Along the Country Side # 25)

 Up: Cycling around the country I saw this . Two years ago there was a huge fire at this spot. This tree was the only tree trunk that was left. This image was made on a day that planes flew over and left their white stripes in the blue. I love this photo because these phenomena leave a strange uncanny atmosphere. (Schoorlse Duinen 14/05/16 4.21 pm) 
 Under: Some miles further on north. Very strange arrow on the cycle lane. Also strange almost unreal atmosphere. (Schoorlse Duinen 14/06/20 4.42 pm)  

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donderdag, juni 05, 2014

Selfies! (Zelfportretten 286, 287, 288_Self-portraits 286, 287, 288)

Up: Bakkum 14/5/24 10.05 am. Still half asleep.
Middle: Dronten 14/5/3 08.43 am. Waking up.

Under: Amsterdam 14/6/02 4.04 pm. Still Rocking!

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zondag, mei 11, 2014

I am a winner!

Travelling around in Germany on a photagraphic trip I recieved 
a message I was a winner in the Photographic Mastercup for 
this year. For Fashion!! And I was a nominee in Fine Art.
Of course I felt very proud. Go to:

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