maandag, augustus 14, 2017

donderdag, juli 27, 2017


After almost 30 years it is a strange experience putting these photographs into a book. Frankly, when I went to Ireland in 1988 I had not a clear idea what to expect. Ireland was a faraway country to me. Don’t forget there was no internet in 1988 to get information. Of course, I went into some brochures to get an idea of the landscape and the way the towns looked, and I read some books about the history of the country, but still it was a step into the unknown.
I never forget the day I arrived in Dublin. I was standing at the bridge over the Liffey and I felt immediately at home. The city felt very familiar to me.  This feeling of familiarity never left me during the trips through the country. Whether I was in Galway, or Cork, or at the West Coast, I always felt a kind at home: I had fallen in love with Ireland.
I wandered with my camera through the country as a curious lover. Going to festivals, cycling around, sitting in trains and buses, sometimes accompanied by wife Petra and my mother-in-law, the love for the country never disappeared. Ireland was always on my mind.

After some 25 years I came back in Ireland. The country had changed, I had changed. But my love for the country was still there. But that’s going to be another project. Ireland was still on my mind. It will always be.

donderdag, juni 22, 2017

Finders Keepers

Rambling around in Ireland many years ago on a photo trip I ran out of film one day. Normally working with Ilford HP5 I only could obtain Kodak Tri-x at the local photo store.
At home, I first developed my HP5. I had only shot to rolls of Tri-x , but I could just find one. After a while I forgot about the lost Tri-x.

Many years later I moved to another dark room. Cleaning the old one I found a roll of Tri-x in a dark corner. No idea what it would contain. It was the first roll I developed in in the new dark room. I was very surprised to see images of Ireland. The photo with the man feeding the seagulls is one of them. The other two are from well-kept negatives of other Irish films.
Up: Dun Laoghaire 1988, Middle Dublin 1990, Under Bundoran 1990.

donderdag, juni 15, 2017

Puck Fair

At the end of the summer I want to go to Ireland for a photo trip. It’s a good reason to go through b&w photo’s I made some 30 years ago in this country. These were made at the “Puck Fair” in Killorgin.  ( . First day cattle market, second day horse market, third day just drinking. There were hardly any tourists. The animals freely moved in the streets, between the public. And had a standstill in front of the hairdresser.

dinsdag, april 04, 2017

New Blurb book!

During the autumn of 2016 and the winter of 2017 photographer Jaap Bijsterbosch was giving some workshops at Gallery Streetscape in Castricum, a village in the Dutch province of North Holland. He was always travelling by an evening train from his domestic town of Diemen, a suburb of Amsterdam. Mostly arriving at Castricum station some 25 minutes before the start of the workshop, he took a small camera to capture the nightly atmosphere of Castricum. All photographs were taken between 6.45 and 7.15 pm.

zondag, maart 19, 2017

Final Day!

From the left to the right: Me, Jeanette Bos, Yvonne Meyer, Kevser Gün, Sebastian Rypson, the last visitors of “Selfies/Self-Portraits. WtF! © Jaap Bijsterbosch at the Gallery WM in Amsterdam. Made yesterday at 6.00 pm, closing time of the exhibition. To me it felt a bit like “Partir, c’est mourir un peu”. Grateful for the fantastic & professional & lovingly cooperation with Wanda, Paul and Sebastian!  And the great interest from everybody!

zondag, maart 12, 2017


The last week of my show at gallery WM Amsterdam:  Selfies/Selfportraits WTF! © Jaap Bijsterbosch. (  You’re cordially invited for a last glass at the finissage from 4.00-6.00 pm17.55! Don’t miss the making of a last selfie at 5.55 pm!
Up: Diemen, 17/03/10, 8.44 pm. Middle: Diemen, 17/03/01, 11.34 am. Under Diemen, 17/02/16, 8.24 am.

zondag, februari 12, 2017


Yesterday afternoon the opening at GalleryWM of “Selfies/self-portraits. Wtf! © Jaap Bijsterbosch”!

Great afternoon with many heartwarming reactions from friends and colleagues and a great attendance despite the bad weather. As an opening act, I had to make a selfie of course! 

zaterdag, februari 04, 2017

dinsdag, januari 24, 2017

donderdag, januari 19, 2017

Selfie/Self-Portrait WTF! © Jaap Bijsterbosch

This one I made in 1989. I was doing a project because of the poetry of Dylan Thomas. Once he wrote: "I died and dreamed my Genesis again". Those words were the inspiration for this photograph.

woensdag, januari 18, 2017

Selfie/Self-Portrait WTF! © Jaap Bijsterbosch

Taken in the same dune area as the one yesterday, only here it is early spring. (2016) It is a way to hide one's wrinkles.

maandag, januari 16, 2017

Selfie/Self-Portrait WTF! © Jaap Bijsterbosch

A special part of my upcoming exhibition will contain older self-portraits. "Selfies/Selfportraits of the artist as a younger man" This one was made in 1983!

zondag, januari 15, 2017

Selfie/Self-Portrait WTF! © Jaap Bijsterbosch

My exhibition in Gallery WM ( )    will be in less than 4 weeks from now! This one I made in 2008 using the scanner.